“Excerpt of Dr. Sakhawat’s interview for publication in the book “gharn-e asansor

.Q: Please introduce yourself and tell us how you became engaged in the elevator and escalator industry

A: My name is Alireza Sekhavat, and I am the managing director of Setareh Faraznama Company. I was born in 1970, and I have been involved in the elevator and escalator industry since 1996. I am originally from the beautiful and ancient city of Dezfoul, located in the Khuzestan province. I hold a bachelor of science and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, specializing in production and .manufacturing, from Amir Kabir University of Technology. Additionally, I have a Ph.D. in Management from Allameh Tabatabaei University

?Q: What motivated you to get into this industry

A: I was initially interested in industries related to construction, such as manufacturing and production. I find the elevator and escalator industry particularly attractive because it involves a range of services and the production of mechanical, electrical, and electronic components.

?Q: Have you been involved in any guilds or industrial associations

A: Yes, I am currently the Vice-Chairman of the Elevator and Escalator Guild Union of Iran. My main responsibilities include overseeing technical and educational matters. I previously served two terms as a board member of the Iran Elevator Syndicate, and I am a member of the Technical Committee of the National Standard Organization. Additionally, I have served as the secretary in the development of several .standard procedures. I also work as a university lecturer and am an active member of the Producers Association

?Q: What have been your most significant guild activities and accomplishments in the elevator industry of Iran

A: I have always been a promoter and advocate of high-quality products, and I have proven this in practice with my products and services. Additionally, I have contributed to improving the knowledge and specialized abilities of my colleagues by developing and presenting various educational courses on topics such as the design and installation of elevators equipped with gearless engines and MRL, introduction to gearboxes and gearless motors, as well as their repairs and maintenance.

Furthermore, I designed and served as the president of the First Seminar on Safety in the Elevator and Escalator industry of Iran in January 2016. The outcomes of this seminar included improving the safety culture in the elevator and escalator industry in Iran, writing and publishing educational pamphlets and books, and repeating the same seminar in Tehran and several other provinces in the following years..

?Q: What are the products of your complex

A: Our complex produces elevator parts under the Setlift and Sekhavat brands, which includes elevator pulley sheaves, towing tops, automatic cabin doors, floor stops, overloads, and spare parts of gearbox motors. We also produce gearless motors in collaboration with the Stark brand of Germany, and provide after-sales services and specialized repairs for various types of gearbox and gearless motors. Additionally, we sell and install various encoders and design, produce, install, and commission various types of elevators in industrial units with high IP. We also manufacture blast roof (Atex) elevators for steel plants, dam construction, oil, gas, petrochemical, and other related industries.

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